Worlds Top Ten Tallest Buildings

Worlds Top Ten Tallest Buildings…

No 10. is Taipei 101 World financial center..And the height is 509.2 Meters.



No. 9 is Wills Tower in chicago … And the heght is 527 Meters and 110 floors.



No. 8 is CTF Finance center China… And the height is 530 Meters.



No. 7 is One world trade center in New york city… And the height is 541.3 Meters and 104 floors.

one world trade center.jpg


No. 6 is Lotte world tower in seoul ( south Korea)… And the height is 554.5 Meters and 123 floors.



No. 5 is Ping An Finance center in Shenzhen city in china.. And the height is 599 Meters and 115 floors.

ping an.jpg


No. 4 is Kingdom clock tower in makkah… And the height is 601 Meters.

kingdom tower.jpg


No. 3 is Shanghai Tower in shanghai shi city in china… And the height is 632 Meters and 128 floors.

shanghai tower.webp1.png


No. 2 is Wuhan Greenland Center wuhan city in China.. And the height is 636 Meters and 125 floors.



No. 1 is Burj Khalifa in Dubai… And the height is 828 Meters and 165 floors.

Burj khalifa.jpg

Please stay tuned for more updates…



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